About Us

At Wolf Guard Security, we are of the view that all people should have full security for their homes and businesses.

We provide a range of essential security services to commercial, retail and residential customers with high-spec, cost effective security options which allow you to oversee what's yours, even without power available.

Wolf Guard Security is based in Auckland with resources to deliver professional services throughout New Zealand. Together with our electrical partner, we offer a full end-to-end installation service.

We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide the best solution. We strive to take the complexity out of security solutions, leaning into the best in new technology and a simple, easy-to-use app.

  • "I can’t speak highly enough of the iTron Security Camera I purchased from Wolf Guard.

    I’ve had home alarms before but this camera and operating system is next level in providing ultimate home security. I actually had the Wolf Guard team install prior to going away on holiday overseas. I was 3 time-zones away but able to view both cameras on my phone with absolute clarity day and night.

    Thank you Wolf Guard for the peace of mind… I had a most enjoyable holiday."

    - Michael Skates, Auckland

  • "I was in the market for a security system but had been hesitant to commit due to the requirement for hard line wiring. I needed the cameras to be fixed to the house to cover existing blindspots, but this upped the camera count and left us at risk of unsightly, and in some cases, unsafe wiring.

    Having solar powered units solved all these concerns. With just 4 cameras, my entire property is covered and their option of magnet holds allows me to shift lines of sight easily on my own. The app is easy to use and provides a number of useful functions, including the turning on of the speaker, light and alarm remotely and the taking pictures and video when required.

    I am more than pleased with Wolf Guard’s services and have already recommended them to others."

    - Megan S, Auckland

  • "Ran and Jordan provided a thorough service. They spent time working with us to ensure the cameras were positioned correctly to provide full coverage and minimise any blindspots. This attention meant that we installed only the absolutely necessary number of cameras for our property.

    They take you step by step through the related app, making sure you understand not only how to use it but how to get the best out of it. Their friendliness made asking questions comfortable, complementing their excellent service and unique offering."

    - Premika Sirisena, Auckland