Wired vs Wireless

Which security camera to choose?

Previously the only straightforward choice when it came to reliable security systems was opting for a wired option, as wireless solutions were either not available or too expensive. However, with advancements in technology, this has paved the way for new wireless products being introduced to the security market, giving people and businesses more choice when it comes to their security systems.

How far have we come?

There has been a vast advancement of solar power, batteries and IoT (Internet of Things) within the last 5 - 10 years. These advancements have enabled the security and surveillance industry the opportunity to develop modern security cameras that utilise both solar power and cloud technology in the day-to-day running of devices. 

The ITronCam utilises solar power technology for its built-in camera, capturing high definition 1080P imagery, backed by built-in rechargeable batteries - making it truly wireless. Supported by 4G-LTE network, this removes the need for a Wi-Fi connection or direct ethernet access. These features allow the possibility of a security system to provide surveillance without the need for power on commercial sites like tradie yards, or at residential homes and baches. 

Why should I consider Wireless?

When it comes to wired solutions, you are limited to where you can have your security systems located due to the need for cables to power the system. This coupled with possible difficulties in installation, positioning and wanting to shift the devices, can result in it being a costly exercise. 

We have created a solution that responds to the need for a wireless security system for both consumer and commercial clients - in areas such as sites and yards, offices, industrial areas to areas like residential homes, caravans, baches and more. The key benefits of the ITronCam are:

  • 100% wireless and cordless, with a built in battery and solar power option for continuous charging
  • 4G Solar High Definition camera, with PTZ and two-way audio.
  • Cloud data security powered by Amazon Web Services for data storage and global remote access
  • Smart AI analysis with highly sensitive motion detection, picking up imagery in 0.2 seconds - capturing images in record time. 

So which is better suited to my needs?

Although wired solutions still continue to be many people's preferred choice when it comes to security systems, the need for more flexibility is driving the desire for wireless solutions. For those with access to power and data at low or not cost, we see the use of wired systems continue to be the priority. Those wanting more mobile security cameras are opting for systems that meet those needs.

The ITronCam is so flexible, for residential use you can easily switch between having monitoring at home, or shifting to holiday home. For commercial use the ability to be able to relocate the cameras efficiently allows a more reliable surveillance tool, and customisable activity zones allow the flexibility to define the zones that suit your business.

We can provide wireless solutions to suit your exact requirements – get in touch with our New Zealand-based team and we can discuss the possibilities.

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